Over the past 15 years NetBit has designed and supplied many OEM's globally with an extensive line of adapters that meet all safety approvals for all models and all configurations.

Our wide range of standard & safety approved Desktop adapters gives our customers a large base to choose from for everyday PSU needs which use Desktop power, Our range includes many versions and varieties of each model to help you match the perfect unit to your product.

We take great pride with the quality and durability of our adapters which are superbly engineered and designed according to our customers needs and specifications with the newest linear technologies implemented, assuring that we can fit all of our customers power needs.

Model* Description Output Power Output Voltage Efficiency Level
KSUS 0301200250M2 30 Watt Universal 2-Wire
Input Adapter
30W +12V IV
KSUS 0451900236M2 45 Watt Universal 2-Wire
Input Adapter
45W +19V IV
KSUS 0651900342M2
65 Watt Universal 2-Wire
Input Adapter
65W +19V IV
KSUS 0902000450M2 90 Watt Universal 2-Wire
Input Adapter
90W +20V IV

*All models meet CEC and 2007 Energy Independence Security Act requirements.

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