NetBit offers a market-leading range of over 8,000 fully approved of-the shelf products. From basic linear adapters to advanced switch-mode and multiple-output power supplies, this includes a full range of external and open frame models and a wide range of battery charging solutions, we suit every application and budget. Each product in our range is quality-assured and rigorously tested to guarantee international levels of safety and reliability.

Which product?
Our advisers will be pleased to discuss your needs in detail before helping you decide on the right product. As every specification is unique, they can also work with you to develop a customized solution, to fit your exact requirements.

Our Goal?
Our goal is to provide our customers with their exact needs with our large selection of fully approved standard PSU's or we will custom design & manufacture a product according to specification of our customer.

The benefits for your business:
• A range of over 8,000 standard products
• Solutions customized to your exact specifications
• International quality-assurance and safety testing
• RoHS-compliant products

On time delivery

100% satisfaction guarantee

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