All NetBit products are designed and developed by our in-house R&D team of over 50 electrical and mechanical engineers, to offer you some of the most innovative, cost-effective, environmentally-friendly and reliable power supplies on the market.

An integrated approach
Our electrical and mechanical engineers work together to create market-leading products that are considered from every aspect – from aesthetics and ease of production to cost per unit.

Understanding production
Our design team has a detailed understanding of the production process. This means that every detail of the specification is developed to facilitate streamlined mass production – which means less potential field failures. Also, because we work so closely with our clients, challenges such as EMI can be resolved effectively
and quickly.

Meeting regulatory requirements
An in-house team of safety engineers is an integral part of our R&D process.
This ensures that all NetBit products are designed to meet every market-specific
regulatory requirement – including the latest environmental standards.

You benefit from:
• The expertise of a world-class team of engineers
• Advanced products designed for efficient, reliable manufacture
• In-house safety engineers
• RoHS-compliant products
• An integrated in-house manufacturing process