Our state-of-the-art manufacturing base in Shenzhen, China has been specifically developed to meet our clients' demands for world-leading standards of quality, reliability, capacity and speed – at very competitive costs, Additionally we have added new design and manufacturing felicities to serve the growing Latin American markets.

Quality and reliability
All NetBit quality and work procedures are based on ISO international standards. Our felicities are approved by the leading quality assurance agencies, including SGS, TUV and BEAB. We have an exceptional track record for reliability in production, thanks to rigorous testing and checks built into the manufacturing process and to post manufacturing testing.

High Production capacity
The scale of our manufacturing operation is impressive – a capacity of over 80,000 switch-mode power supplies, and over 100,000 linear adapters per day. And because our logistic strategy limits standard production to 75% of capacity, we have the flexibility to handle significant fluctuations in demand.

An integrated approach
We control the whole production process at our own manufacturing facility – from tooling and testing to final assembly. This integrated approach enables us to control cost, quality and lead-times, ensuring product delivery.

When quality, cost and on-time delivery are crucial to your product you can count on NetBit to deliver.

The benefits for your business:
• An efficient cost base
• International ISO 9001 quality-assurance
• Rigorous in-production testing
• Impressive capacity and flexibility to meet your changing production needs
• Approved prototype to mass production in just six weeks

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